Composition Course

The course focuses on the student's composition and technical skills in an artistic context.

We aim to develop the student's capacity for critical reflection on his/her own works and those of others in an investigative, creative, and methodical manner. We will introduce several composition techniques and include technical, aesthetic, and analytical skills. This will include communication of music in practice, in collaborations, in graphics, in writing, in ideas, and in theory.

The lessons and course will be oriented towards the students own dreams, needs and works and  ends with a final project. This will be presented at the end of the course at Rytmisk Center.

This course will primarily be in english.

Registration deadline, Autumn 2024: August 14.

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Composition Course - start September 2024

02.09.24 kl. 09.00

Sophia Sagaradze

Rytmisk Center - Vesterbro

Composition Course - start September 2024

Holdnr: 309160

Start: Man 02.09.24 kl. 09.00

Underviser: Sophia Sagaradze

Sted: Rytmisk Center - Vesterbro

Course focus on

  • Developing technical and musical skills to express ideas as a composer.

  • How to generate and develop ideas.

  • The creative proces and how to understand the different stages of creating.

  • Apply technical knowledge of programming, instruments in students artistic practice.

  • Collaborations with others; artists/musicians, art forms and formats. 

  • How to prioritise and structure time.

  • Acknowledging and handling artistic challenges in a creative, investigative, and analytical manner.

  • Discuss composition techniques within classical, electronical and rhythmic fields.

  • Developing the student's capacity for critical reflection on his/her own works and those of others in a non-judgmental manner and safe space.

  • Building a foundation for a community within the class, where one can find support, constructive feedback and friendships to rely on. 

  • Entrepreneurial competences in artistic practice, disuss the music industry and career details. 

  • Stress management, independent, collaborations, working with ensembles and other artists. 


The semester includes the following guidance during artistic work with the student's own works.

  • Work on knowledge of periods and works, notation, arrangement, and form/style analysis.

  • Sparring with fellow students.

  • How to translate your idea, develop a composition.

  • Working with DAW, theoretical knowledge regarding form analyzing including: workshops, working with other performers, presentations, artists talks and seminars.

  • Work with multimedia projets and crossdisciplinary skills.
  • Possesses knowledge of main trends within composition technique, aesthetics, and style. Musical and technical practice, repertoire and literature.


Sophia Sagaradze


The classes are on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 9.00-13.35 both days.
A total of 10 lessons per week. Note that you must bring your own laptop with your preferred DAW installed as well as headphones.

Extra classes

If you wish, you can expand your schedule with additional classes.

You can choose the extra classes from the Rytmisk Centers website under Adults

When you know which extra classes you want, please us at, and we will make sure that the extra classes fit into your regular schedule.
When you choose extra classes in addition to your regular schedule, you get a 30% discount on the extra classes you choose.

Social activities

In addition to the regular weekly classes, there will be various events during the semester, such as Colab week across all the Intensive courses, Artist talks and concerts. In addition, all students at De Intensive are offered individual study guidance which includes industry, education etc.

The Intensive Composition Course takes place in Copenhagen.

If you have questions about the course, please contact us at

 Periods of courses 2024

Autumn 2024

Periode of the course: September 2. - December 13.
Registration Deadline: August 14.
Entrance tests: Week 34 (August)


23.000 / SAP 21.700. Danish kroner.

Payment deadline is 2 days after confirmation of admission to the course. Alternatively, by agreement with the office, the course can be paid in monthly rates.